“There is a great symmetry between the physical effort of riding the amazing roads of Chianti and the reward of eating and drinking the very best that the area has to offer…”
-Kevin Irvine



Wine experts call it terroir, the idea that a bottle’s essence derives in some mysterious yet undeniable way from the geography, geology and climate unique to a region — a sense of place you can taste. Those of us who are also gourmands of cycling know that the same principle applies to the great rides of a region — the qualities of the roads themselves, the particular contours and gradients of the hills and mountains, the villages and towns the classic routes pass through, the prevailing winds and other inherent aspects combine to define what it is to ride somewhere.

At inGamba, we believe that it is only through sampling the local roads and the local beverages that you come to truly understand a place. The complete gourmand is one who rides among the fields of a vineyard by day—on occasion even stopping in for a private tour—then drinks its product that night. Whether we’re pairing a native wine or other local specialty with a meal, trying the owner’s favorite tripel at a rustic Belgian pub as the Tour of Flanders passes by, or enjoying a private tasting at a vinery that doesn’t offer public tours, inGamba brings you into a world closed to everyone but our friend

“…what truly distinguished the trip was the camaraderie of carefully chosen like minded enthusiasts and the warmth of the reception from Joao’s Italian neighbors…We were treated as family and experienced the pleasures of the roads, the countryside, the table and the wine cellar as locals.” -Ian Potter